Sessão de Autógrafos (Expositor) – Lobo Antunes

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Urban Mag

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||| Contents: Pop up (Urban Art Event), Crystal Castles (Music Interview),

Rock OFF (Fashion Shoot), HighLights (Literature, Cinema, Concerts, Shopping)

Organic Logo UE

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The European Union (EU) set a competition for young designers or art students to create an Organic Logo, for all pre-packaged organic products that originate in the 27 Member States, to be introduced in 2010. The logo ensures that the products it appears on are organic – from the farm to the fork.

The new logo should not contain any text elements, so it does not require translation, and should be universally appealing for all people across the EU.

This is the Organic Logo I´ve created.


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Lisboa a Nu – Event (design, photography, art exhibition, paint, music, poetry)

LX a Nu

Print Size : A3

This was a poster I made for an event organized by students at my school, about Art Guerrilla in such subjects as design, photography, music, poetry, paintings, etc.


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Resound Fest – Band Competition

Resound Fest

Print Size : A3

This was a poster I made for a band competition, an event that takes place at my school (Restart) every year.

Indie Lisboa – Internacional Independent Film Festival

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This was a project i had to develop for my Publicity class at Restart, for the 6th edition of Indie Lisboa – International Independent Film Festival, which takes place in Lisbon, Portugal.

Packaging | Design de Embalagem

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Product : Energy Drink

Target : M/F 14 – 35 yrs


Picture 5

Este projecto foi desenvolvido para a disciplina de Packaging, na RESTART. Foi-nos proposto desenhar a garrafa de uma bebida energética. Feito em conjunto com a minha amiga (e colega de curso) Carla Sousa =)

This project was developed for one of my classes at RESTART. I had to create the packaging for an energy drink.